Trustworthy updates
Trustworthy updates

Secure sharing is here - introducing secure links.





Sharing important details just got a whole lot easier.

Simplified document sharing means more no hunting and searching your files and email for important attachments.

Secure links automatically expire based on your selection, choose from one hour, day, week, or month expirations dates.

Easy and convenient to share IDs and documents with those you trust.

Custom alerts send notifications when your files have been accessed and when they’ve expired.

Control access and permissions to invite or evoke access in your account settings at any time.

Download attachments on the mobile app and view your family’s attachments anywhere you are, supporting most images and PDFs, it’s now easier than ever to access, share, and print.


Additional new features in this release:

Preview your images and PDFs inside of Trustworthy.

Personalized naming for all of your 'Additional files'

​​Read about how Trustworthy makes your information more secure or reach out to our concierge team with questions anytime.

Watch release video about secure sharing.