Trustworthy updates
Trustworthy updates

New Year, New Updates!






It’s a New Year and we have exciting new updates to share with you!

IOS UPDATE: New & Improved Insurance Category

We’re excited to launch brand new features in the Insurance category of your Family Operating System® on iOS.

Now, you can add new insurance policies to Trustworthy, edit existing policy info and upload or scan insurance docs right from your phone. Upload life, medical, auto, home, and more insurance policies. Once you’ve added your insurance, it’s easy to generate secure links to share files like medical insurance cards with loved ones and doctors.

1 - iOS Insurance.png

So, what else is new on iOS?

  • Cancel collaborator invites.
  • Attach multiple files one after another more easily.
  • Add additional files to Taxes, Estate Documents and Emergency Planning categories.
  • Limited access collaborators can see the list of loans and insurance linked to a Property.

WEB UPDATE: Track URLs, usernames, hints and more with Password category updates

This latest release of the Trustworthy Family Operating System® web app includes several frequently requested enhancements to our Password category.

When adding a new password, you can choose whether it’s an online password, like a login to online banking, or a passcode like a garage door pin.

2 - whatTypeofPassword.png

Now, you can securely store websites, usernames, password hints and security questions along with your passwords.

3 - addWebsite.png

Thank you for sharing your requests — you help us find new ways to organize, optimize, and protect your family’s information.