Trustworthy updates
Trustworthy updates

New Look: Dashboard and assets




We’re excited to share that we’ve refreshed the look and feel of your Family Operating System®.

In this latest release, you’ll see that we’re highlighting “assets” on your dashboard. In Trustworthy, an “asset” is any piece of important information, like an expiration date, your car registration, or a bank account number.

assets.2022-10-17 10_28_08.gif

Every time you add an asset to Trustworthy, you take another step to protect, organize, and optimize your important information and prepare your family for life’s changes. Trustworthy seamlessly manages all of your assets and celebrates every milestone along your family’s organization and optimization journey.

What's New?

  • Track your family’s total number of “assets” on the dashboard.
  • Add and manage your trusted collaborators (like family members and professionals) from the dashboard.
  • Follow personalized guides to organize your family’s assets.
  • Find your next to-do within each category and track your family’s progress.
  • Assign specific assets to your collaborators. (That’s one less thing for you to do!)
  • Get inspired with new suggestions from our members about how they use Trustworthy.
  • Celebrate your progress with milestones.

    milestones3.2022-10-17 19_43_41.gif
    Assets - progress.png

    At Trustworthy, we have immense gratitude for the thousands of families organizing, protecting, and optimizing their assets. Thank you for your continued insights and feedback.