Trustworthy updates
Trustworthy updates

New and improved Property options






We’re working hard to continually optimize your family’s information. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Trustworthy now offers even more ways to organize and optimize your family’s property and valuables.

All Property:

  • New: Personalize your property tiles with photos to easily locate what you’re looking for
  • New: Keep track of warranties for all of your property types
  • New: Get automatically reminded when your warranty is set to expire

    All Properties - Warranties.gif

Real Estate:

  • New: Support for rental properties and real estate owned by entities
  • New: Add utilities and services to your property(ies) - energy, internet, water, trash, landscaping, etc.
  • Improved: Seamlessly connect your real estate loans and insurance policies - add a new one or choose from your personal lists

Add utilities.gif


  • New: Support for motorcycles, airplanes, and more. -New: Upload, access, and share your vehicle registrations on web or mobile devices
  • New: Get automatically reminded when your vehicle registration will expire
  • Improved: Seamlessly connect your loans and insurance policies for your vehicle(s) - add a new one or choose from your personal lists

Add registration.gif


  • New: Support for heirlooms and electronics
  • Improved: Track serial numbers for insurance purposes

Our latest update is the culmination of listening and learning from thousands of families like yours that are using Trustworthy to protect, organize, and optimize their most important information.

Thank you for sharing your feedback and advice.