Trustworthy updates
Trustworthy updates

Drag-and-drop organization of items and attachments




Over the last few months, the number one requested feature for Trustworthy has been more flexibility in the way that items within a category are organized. In fact, our number two most requested feature is more flexibility organizing and item’s attachments. That is why we are excited to announce our latest update:

Personalize Trustworthy with brand new category and attachment organization options.

With our latest release, we are excited to bring more organization to your Family Operating System with section headers and drag-and-drop ordering of items within categories. Additionally, we have extended section headers and drag-and-drop ordering to the attachments of items. Create custom sections and organize all of your attachments within an item.

Reorder tiles.png

What’s new?

  • Each category is now organized into sections to make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Items can now be reordered within each section by dragging and dropping where you want them.

  • New items can quickly be added to a specific section with one click.

  • Item attachments can be drag-and-drop organized within customized sections.

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reorder tiles.2022-09-27 12_22_07.gif

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