Trustworthy updates
Trustworthy updates

iOS Update: New & Improved Password Category






We're back again with another iOS update that improves the Password category of your Family Operating System®.

Available in the AppStore, this new version lets you can add new passwords right from your device. Choose whether it's for an online service, like a login to online banking, or a passcode like a garage door pin.

With this update, you can also securely store websites, usernames, password hints and security questions along with your passwords.


New Year, New Updates!






It’s a New Year and we have exciting new updates to share with you!

IOS UPDATE: New & Improved Insurance Category

We’re excited to launch brand new features in the Insurance category of your Family Operating System® on iOS.

Now, you can add new insurance policies to Trustworthy, edit existing policy info and upload or scan insurance docs right from your phone. Upload life, medical, auto, home, and more insurance policies. Once you’ve added your insurance, it’s easy to generate secure links to share files like medical insurance cards with loved ones and doctors.

1 - iOS Insurance.png

So, what else is new on iOS?

  • Cancel collaborator invites.
  • Attach multiple files one after another more easily.
  • Add additional files to Taxes, Estate Documents and Emergency Planning categories.
  • Limited access collaborators can see the list of loans and insurance linked to a Property.

WEB UPDATE: Track URLs, usernames, hints and more with Password category updates

This latest release of the Trustworthy Family Operating System® web app includes several frequently requested enhancements to our Password category.

When adding a new password, you can choose whether it’s an online password, like a login to online banking, or a passcode like a garage door pin.

2 - whatTypeofPassword.png

Now, you can securely store websites, usernames, password hints and security questions along with your passwords.

3 - addWebsite.png

Thank you for sharing your requests — you help us find new ways to organize, optimize, and protect your family’s information.

Mobile web browser optimization




We’re excited to launch an update to your Family Operating System® that makes it easier for you to organize your assets using a phone or tablet.

With this update, you can access Trustworthy on any web browser as well as through our iOS app. This ensures you can easily view and secure new assets at any time, and from anywhere


Tips about this update:

  • When you are updating Trustworthy on your desktop, you can now shrink your Trustworthy browser window and keep using the app while multitasking.
  • With this update, the experience of opening and viewing files will be intuitive for your collaborators, regardless of the device or platform they are using.
  • As we’re still working on our Android app, this update provides Android users with easy access to organize and secure information using an internet browser.

New Look: Dashboard and assets




We’re excited to share that we’ve refreshed the look and feel of your Family Operating System®.

In this latest release, you’ll see that we’re highlighting “assets” on your dashboard. In Trustworthy, an “asset” is any piece of important information, like an expiration date, your car registration, or a bank account number.

assets.2022-10-17 10_28_08.gif

Every time you add an asset to Trustworthy, you take another step to protect, organize, and optimize your important information and prepare your family for life’s changes. Trustworthy seamlessly manages all of your assets and celebrates every milestone along your family’s organization and optimization journey.

What's New?

  • Track your family’s total number of “assets” on the dashboard.
  • Add and manage your trusted collaborators (like family members and professionals) from the dashboard.
  • Follow personalized guides to organize your family’s assets.
  • Find your next to-do within each category and track your family’s progress.
  • Assign specific assets to your collaborators. (That’s one less thing for you to do!)
  • Get inspired with new suggestions from our members about how they use Trustworthy.
  • Celebrate your progress with milestones.

    milestones3.2022-10-17 19_43_41.gif
    Assets - progress.png

    At Trustworthy, we have immense gratitude for the thousands of families organizing, protecting, and optimizing their assets. Thank you for your continued insights and feedback.

Drag-and-drop organization of items and attachments




Over the last few months, the number one requested feature for Trustworthy has been more flexibility in the way that items within a category are organized. In fact, our number two most requested feature is more flexibility organizing and item’s attachments. That is why we are excited to announce our latest update:

Personalize Trustworthy with brand new category and attachment organization options.

With our latest release, we are excited to bring more organization to your Family Operating System with section headers and drag-and-drop ordering of items within categories. Additionally, we have extended section headers and drag-and-drop ordering to the attachments of items. Create custom sections and organize all of your attachments within an item.

Reorder tiles.png

What’s new?

  • Each category is now organized into sections to make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Items can now be reordered within each section by dragging and dropping where you want them.

  • New items can quickly be added to a specific section with one click.

  • Item attachments can be drag-and-drop organized within customized sections.

sections 4.2022-09-29 13_18_21.gif

reorder tiles.2022-09-27 12_22_07.gif

reorder attachments - email.gif

New and improved Property options






We’re working hard to continually optimize your family’s information. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Trustworthy now offers even more ways to organize and optimize your family’s property and valuables.

All Property:

  • New: Personalize your property tiles with photos to easily locate what you’re looking for
  • New: Keep track of warranties for all of your property types
  • New: Get automatically reminded when your warranty is set to expire

    All Properties - Warranties.gif

Real Estate:

  • New: Support for rental properties and real estate owned by entities
  • New: Add utilities and services to your property(ies) - energy, internet, water, trash, landscaping, etc.
  • Improved: Seamlessly connect your real estate loans and insurance policies - add a new one or choose from your personal lists

Add utilities.gif


  • New: Support for motorcycles, airplanes, and more. -New: Upload, access, and share your vehicle registrations on web or mobile devices
  • New: Get automatically reminded when your vehicle registration will expire
  • Improved: Seamlessly connect your loans and insurance policies for your vehicle(s) - add a new one or choose from your personal lists

Add registration.gif


  • New: Support for heirlooms and electronics
  • Improved: Track serial numbers for insurance purposes

Our latest update is the culmination of listening and learning from thousands of families like yours that are using Trustworthy to protect, organize, and optimize their most important information.

Thank you for sharing your feedback and advice.

Add all of your IDs and memberships to Trustworthy







We’re always trying to find ways to keep you and your family better organized and prepared. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Trustworthy offers even more ways to add, update, and access your family’s identification cards.

Our latest update lets you add any of the identification cards below from your mobile device or your web browser.

  • Passports

  • Driver’s licenses

  • Travel and loyalty programs (like airlines and rental cars)

  • Membership programs (like AAA and Costco)

  • Social Security cards and numbers

  • Vaccine cards

  • Additional licenses (like medical and pilot’s licenses)

  • Customized IDs (like anything with an ID number and/or expiration date)

When you’re traveling or even running errands around town, feel confident knowing your IDs are available in Trustworthy.

Upload scans, photos, or files to each of your IDs so that you can: Access and organize IDs on-the-go with the Trustworthy iOS app

  • Receive personalized reminders to update family IDs before they expire

  • Receive state- and country-specific links to renew passports and driver’s licenses

  • Share IDs with your partner, spouse, or anyone else you collaborate with

How it works

Add a new ID

Available via mobile & web browser

  1. Log in to Trustworthy from the iOS mobile app or on a web browser.
  2. Go to the family member whose IDs (Family IDs) you’d like to update.
  3. Update an existing ID in Trustworthy or “Add ID +”.
  4. If adding a new ID, choose from an easy to use template.


Add an existing ID from “Additional files”

Available via web browser

  1. Log in to Trustworthy on a web browser.
  2. Go to the family member whose IDs (Family IDs) you’d like to update.
  3. Drag and drop any existing file in “Additional files” to the appropriate ID.


Have questions or want some help managing your family’s IDs in Trustworthy?

Work securely with a Trustworthy concierge to add or update your IDs. Chat with your concierge or book a concierge session to get the help and support you need.

Introducing Assignable To-dos






Assigning to-dos to your family and trusted professionals supercharges collaboration and transparency within your Family Operating System.

Watch a video introduction.

We’re thrilled to announce that we can now give you more control over how you and your family collaborate with and update the Family Operating System® - Assignable To-dos.

Our latest update lets you assign any Trustworthy to-do to your trusted circle and professional advisors for completion. Each collaborator receives a notification when the task is assigned and you receive a notification when a task is completed.

These collaborators can also assign you (or other collaborators) a to-do to complete, making the Family Operating System® the most collaborative family information management system available.

How does it work in 3 simple steps?

  1. Tap on the “⋮” next to any to-do in Trustworthy

  2. Select an existing collaborator or invite a new collaborator to your Family Operating System®

  3. The to-do is assigned and your collaborator is notified that they have a new to-do


Working with your existing collaborators? Your collaborators will see all of their assigned to-dos at the top of the list and can dive right in.

Invited a new collaborator? Once a collaborator accepts their invitation, their assigned to-dos will be ready and waiting at the top of their todo list.

Rest easy knowing that your collaborators will only see the to-dos in the categories to which they have been given access - Family IDs, Money, Property, etc. You can always update your collaborators’ access using “Manage access” if you need to make changes to the scope of their role in the Family Operating System®.

Enhanced collaboration powers working together better.




Check out the video announcement.

Your Family Operating System® is now the only family information management system designed for secure collaboration with family and trusted professionals. Our latest update lets you invite your trusted circle and professional advisors to collaborate in one, many or all your dashboard categories by creating custom access for each person you invite.

Feature release highlights include:

All-access collaborators allows you to invite your partner, spouses or trusted advisor to access and update your entire dashboard.

Limited-access collaborators have filtered access to only the categories you’ve authorized, you can share only your estate planning documents or tax documents with accountant.

Custom permissions let you choose which categories individual members can access and the flexibility for you to add, remove or update categories as often as you like.

Customized to-do lists and reminders for each invited member keep your collaborators on-task and on-track.

What are the most popular ways to use this feature?

Share IDs and legal documents with parents, siblings, or other family members
Categories: Family IDs & Estate Documents Ensure that your caregivers and family members have access to what they need, whether they’re picking up a prescription or providing care during an emergency.

Update and organize taxes with your accountant
Category: Taxes Organize past tax returns and streamline upcoming tax filing to simplify managing documents and deadlines.

Track assets, accounts, and annual statements with your financial advisor
Categories: Money, Taxes, Property & Insurance Manage existing assets, make updates, and manage reports, statements or annual planning with your financial advisor.

Manage or update policies with your insurance broker
Categories: Property & Insurance Track your existing policies, review, or make updates by collaborating with your family’s insurance professional.

Planning your estate documents with your attorney
Categories: Estate Documents Organize and share digital copies of your important documents and confirm the location of original, signed documents with your attorney and family members.

​​Read about how Trustworthy makes your information more secure or reach out to our concierge team with questions anytime.

How to begin household and extended family collaboration

Many Trustworthy families invite their parents or children to access information like Family IDs, estate documents, and passwords. For instance, a grandparent or caregiver could access information for passports, birth certificates, or medical cards if you are away or should there be an emergency.

Learn more about how to use enhanced collaboration features for estate planning, managing property, or getting your household organized for the new year. Our concierge team offers a free coaching session, sign up for your time slot today.

Secure sharing is here - introducing secure links.





Sharing important details just got a whole lot easier.

Simplified document sharing means more no hunting and searching your files and email for important attachments.

Secure links automatically expire based on your selection, choose from one hour, day, week, or month expirations dates.

Easy and convenient to share IDs and documents with those you trust.

Custom alerts send notifications when your files have been accessed and when they’ve expired.

Control access and permissions to invite or evoke access in your account settings at any time.

Download attachments on the mobile app and view your family’s attachments anywhere you are, supporting most images and PDFs, it’s now easier than ever to access, share, and print.


Additional new features in this release:

Preview your images and PDFs inside of Trustworthy.

Personalized naming for all of your 'Additional files'

​​Read about how Trustworthy makes your information more secure or reach out to our concierge team with questions anytime.

Watch release video about secure sharing.